After formal art school in France, Alex moved to New York City in 2005 at age 20. There he continued to study art and architecture. He worked in New York for 11 years as an architectural designer and artist, created the art department at Goldsmith-mannequins, and exhibited and sold his work in the showroom, where prestigious clients like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, H&M and others came to shop.

In April 2017, Alex moved to Stockholm and created his practice, making and selling his art. Since then he has had 23 exhibitions in galleries, restaurants, hair salons, stores, and at events. He collaborated with Hewlett Packard in December 2018 to print on demand at the Lobby Store, he is very active on the art scene thanks to his plateform Art Exhibitions in Stockholm, and sells various types of artworks ranging from fine art giclée prints to canvases, and commissions.